Saturday Playhouse: I Capture The Castle


[R4 BD=19960511]

By Dodie Smith. This new dramatisation of her famous novel is broadcast to commemorate the centenary of Dodie Smith 's birth. Amanda Root and Helena Bonham Carter play sisters Cassandra and Rose Mortmain, living in complete poverty in a ruined castle in Suffolk. with Ann Beach. Robert Harper. Patience Tomlinson, Jonathan Adams and David Timson. Dramatised by Dawn Lowe-Watson . Director Cherry Cookson

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[R4 BD=19960511]

Unknown: Dodie Smith.

Unknown: Dodie Smith

Unknown: Amanda Root

Unknown: Helena Bonham Carter

Unknown: Ann Beach.

Unknown: Robert Harper.

Unknown: Jonathan Adams

Unknown: David Timson.

Dramatised By: Dawn Lowe-Watson

Director: Cherry Cookson

Topaz: Haydn Gwynne

Simon: William Dufris

Neil: Stuart Milligan

Stephen: Jamie Glover

Father: Geoffrey Whitehead