Saturday Playhouse: Lady's Maid


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By Margaret Forster. With

Jane Whittenshaw as Lily Wilson and Kate Buffery as Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This much acclaimed novel, dramatised by Ed Thomason , tells the story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's maid, Lily Wilson , who worked for the Brownings for many years. with Geoffrey Whitehead , Zulema Dene and Sandra James Young. Director Cherry Cookson

[R4 BD=19950923]

Unknown: Margaret Forster.

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw

Unknown: Lily Wilson

Unknown: Kate Buffery

Unknown: Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Dramatised By: Ed Thomason

Unknown: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Unknown: Lily Wilson

Unknown: Geoffrey Whitehead

Unknown: Zulema Dene

Unknown: Sandra James Young.

Director: Cherry Cookson

Robert Browning: Julian Wadham

Timothy: David Thorpe

Ferdinando: Andrew Wincott

Sarah: Patience Tomlinson

Lizzie Crow: Linda Regan