Saturday Playhouse: Lobby Lud


[R4 BD=19970628]

By Douglas Livingstone. "You are Lobby Lud , and I claim the Gazette prize". In 1927, this phrase is on everybody's lips as they comb seaside resorts in search of the elusive mystery man. But who is he? with Melanie Walters , Deborah Berlin, Douglas Livingstone , David Bannerman , Ruth Jones , Stephen Thorne. Hywel Morgan,

Wayne Forester , Margaret John , Manon Edwards and Robert Harper. Director Alison Hindell

[R4 BD=19970628]

Unknown: Douglas Livingstone.

Unknown: Lobby Lud

Unknown: Melanie Walters

Unknown: Douglas Livingstone

Unknown: David Bannerman

Unknown: Ruth Jones

Unknown: Stephen Thorne.

Unknown: Wayne Forester

Unknown: Margaret John

Unknown: Manon Edwards

Unknown: Robert Harper.

Director: Alison Hindell

Derek: Iestyn Jones

Ronnie: Malcolm Storry