Saturday Playhouse: Meeting Jack


[R4 BD=19951014]

By Shaun Mckenna. In 1905,

Jack London , the author of White Fang, sailed round the South Pacific with his wife

Charmian in search of adventure. They found it in abundance. As did young Martin Priddy , whose life was forever changed by meeting Jack London. ... with John Hartley. Zulema Dene.

Vincent Ebrahim , John Turner , Sandra James Young and Hakeem Kae-Kazim. Director Andy Jordan

[R4 BD=19951014]

Unknown: Shaun McKenna.

Unknown: Jack London

Unknown: Martin Priddy

Unknown: Jack London.

Unknown: John Hartley.

Unknown: Zulema Dene.

Unknown: Vincent Ebrahim

Unknown: John Turner

Unknown: Sandra James Young

Director: Andy Jordan

Jack London: William Hope

Charmian London: Theresa Gallagher

Martin Priddy: Jonathan Keeble

Captain Jansen: Paul Herzberg

Caulfield: David Collings

Captain Keller: Paul Jenkins