Saturday Playhouse: Meredith


[R4 BD=19960921]

By Peter Roberts. Billy Meredith was a footballing genius who wanted nothing to do with the professional game. This is his true story.

with Peter Meakin , Abigail Roberts , Richard Mitchley , Terry Molloy , William Simons , Graham Colclough and Jonathan Wyatt. Producer Nigel Bryant

[R4 BD=19960921]

Unknown: Peter Roberts.

Unknown: Billy Meredith

Unknown: Peter Meakin

Unknown: Abigail Roberts

Unknown: Richard Mitchley

Unknown: Terry Molloy

Unknown: William Simons

Unknown: Graham Colclough

Unknown: Jonathan Wyatt.

Producer: Nigel Bryant

Billy: Andy Hockley

JCCIegg: Peter Jeffrey

Jim: David Holt

Old Jim: Geoffrey Banks

Sandy: Gilbert Martin

Albert: Martin Head