Saturday Playhouse: Ocean View


[R4 BD=19951125]

Mark Greig 's romantic drama is set on the Ayreshire coast, where Mary McAllister and her small son are making a new start, far from the troubles of the big city. with Anne Downie , Vincent Friell , James Bryce and Ian Bustard. Producer Patrick Rayner

[R4 BD=19951125]

Unknown: Mark Greig

Unknown: Mary McAllister

Unknown: Anne Downie

Unknown: Vincent Friell

Unknown: James Bryce

Unknown: Ian Bustard.

Producer: Patrick Rayner

Mary: Fiona Bell

Sandy: Alasdair McCrone

Nessie: Sheila Donald

Beattie/Davie: Gwyneth Guthrie

Isla: Jan Wilson

Walters: Isabella Jarrett