Saturday Playhouse: On The Edge Of The World


[R4 BD=19961109]

By Mike Dorrell. With Clive Merrison as Gerald of Wales. with Richard Nichols , Dafydd Wyn Roberts. Brinley Jenkins and Jason Hughes Director Alison Hindell Repeat

[R4 BD=19961109]

Unknown: Mike Dorrell.

Unknown: Clive Merrison

Unknown: Richard Nichols

Unknown: Dafydd Wyn Roberts.

Unknown: Brinley Jenkins

Unknown: Jason Hughes

Director: Alison Hindell

Ness: Manon Edwards

King John: Peter Yapp

Pope Innocent III: Stephen Thorne

JohnofTynemouth: Jonathan Tafler

Hubert Walter: John Hartley

Castellan: Simon Ludders

Albano: Brendan Charleson