Saturday Playhouse: Satchelmouth


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Paul Winfield plays the jazz musician and entertainer Louis Armstrong in David Pownall 's play written to mark Satchmo's death 25 years ago. with Jackie Richardson. Herbert Johnson , Brian Warren , Richard Chevolleau , Karen Leblanc , David Collins , George Buza , Dennis O'Connor , Robert Pasons , Ian D Clarke , Aron Tager , Rachel Luttrell and John McLeod. Director Martin Jenkins * John Peel : page 9

[R4 BD=19960713]

Unknown: Paul Winfield

Unknown: Louis Armstrong

Unknown: David Pownall

Unknown: Jackie Richardson.

Unknown: Herbert Johnson

Unknown: Brian Warren

Unknown: Richard Chevolleau

Unknown: Karen Leblanc

Unknown: David Collins

Unknown: George Buza

Unknown: Dennis O'Connor

Unknown: Robert Pasons

Unknown: Ian D Clarke

Unknown: Aron Tager

Unknown: Rachel Luttrell

Unknown: John McLeod.

Director: Martin Jenkins

Director: John Peel

Young Louis: Ashley Brown

The Mouthpiece: Alison Sealy-Smith

Daisy: Michelle Moffat

King Oliver: Phil Akin

Baby Dods: Jeff Jones

Mayann: Salome Bey

Lil Hardin: Michelyn Emelle