Saturday Playhouse: Shane


[R4 BD=19951104]

By Jack Schaefer , adapted for radio by Nick McCarty. With Howard Keel as the narrator and Stacy Keach as Shane. Shane is the archetypal western hero: the high-plains drifter. No-one knows where he came from or where he is going, but he makes the present safe. with Michael Keenan , David Graf , James Harper , David Lee Smith and Matt Nolan A Unique Broadcasting production * See This Week: page 8

[R4 BD=19951104]

Unknown: Jack Schaefer

Unknown: Nick McCarty.

Unknown: Stacy Keach

Unknown: Michael Keenan

Unknown: David Graf

Unknown: James Harper

Unknown: David Lee Smith

Unknown: Matt Nolan

Joe: David Dukes

Marian: Lawri Means

Bob: Marty York

Ledyard: Gregg Almquist

Ernie Wright: Tuck Milligan

Lew Johnson: Christopher Curry