Saturday Playhouse: Staying Still


[R4 BD=19950819]

Mike Walker 's thriller takes place on a remote Scottish island and in the rainforests of Brazil. with Patricia Gallimore , Deborah Berlin,

Cornelius Garrett , Tina Gray , Richard Fleming , Aled Jones , Rachel Oldfield and Anna Rose Director Shaun MacLoughlin Rpt

[R4 BD=19950819]

Unknown: Mike Walker

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Unknown: Cornelius Garrett

Unknown: Tina Gray

Unknown: Richard Fleming

Unknown: Aled Jones

Unknown: Rachel Oldfield

Unknown: Anna Rose

Director: Shaun MacLoughlin

Jack: Nigel Anthony

Kirstie: Hilary MacLean

Murdo: Bob Docherty

Tommy: David Bannerman

JP: Pavel Douglas