Saturday Playhouse: Sweet Dreams And Swedish Ghosts


[R4 BD=19950318]

Kelvin has 45 minutes missing from his life. All he can remember is someone sounding like Greta Garbo getting into his cab, but there's more to it than that in Mike Stott 's comedy.

Director Alan Drury

[R4 BD=19950318]

Unknown: Greta Garbo

Unknown: Mike Stott

Director: Alan Drury

Kelvin Greenlees: Peter Gunn

Karen Greenlees: Becky Hindley

Samantha Greenlees: Deborah Berlin

Natalie Dugdale: Tina Gray

Norman Duckworth: James Taylor

Nigel O'Toole: Jack Elliott

Dr McClare: Frances Jeater

Aelwyn Tattersall: Frances Jeater