Saturday Playhouse: Tally's Blood


[R4 BD=19970301]

Starring Anne Downie as Rosinella Pedreschi , Blythe Duff as Lucia and Alexander Morton as Massimo Pedreschi. Ann Marie di Mambro 's play follows the Pedreschis through the darkest hours of the Second

World War, and reflects the vivacity, humour and passions of the Scottish-Italian community. with Lee Brown , Raymond Short and Anthony Donaldson. Producer Hamish Wilson

[R4 BD=19970301]

Unknown: Anne Downie

Unknown: Rosinella Pedreschi

Unknown: Blythe Duff

Unknown: Alexander Morton

Unknown: Massimo Pedreschi.

Unknown: Ann Marie Di Mambro

Unknown: Lee Brown

Unknown: Raymond Short

Unknown: Anthony Donaldson.

Producer: Hamish Wilson

Hughie: Kenneth Glenaan

Franco: Vincent Friell

Daddy/Priest: Robert Trotter

Bridget: Grace Glover

Luigi/Customer: Finlay Welsh

Teacher/Woman: Vicki Liddelle