Saturday Playhouse: Tarn O'shanter


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Catherine Czerkawska 's play tells the story of the birth of Tam O'Shanter , one of Robert Burns 's best-known poems, which was written at Ellisland in Dumfries towards the end of his life. with Billy Boyd and Alyxis Daly. Music played by Jo Miller. Steve Sutcliffe. Norman Chalmers and Mike Katz. Director Hamish Wilson

[R4 BD=19960629]

Unknown: Catherine Czerkawska

Unknown: Tam O'Shanter

Unknown: Robert Burns

Unknown: Billy Boyd

Unknown: Alyxis Daly.

Played By: Jo Miller.

Played By: Steve Sutcliffe.

Played By: Norman Chalmers

Played By: Mike Katz.

Director: Hamish Wilson

Robert Burns: Liam Brennan

Jean Armour: Gerda Stevenson

Robbie: Sheila Donald

Helen MacTaggart: Sheila Donald

Tam O'Shanter: Kern Falconer

Duncan Graham: Kern Falconer