Saturday Playhouse: The Book Of Shadows


[R4 BD=19951028]

In Scott Cherry 's tale of the supernatural, journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate witchcraft. Exceedingly sceptical she soon witnesses some terrifying incidents which just can't be explained. with Terence Edmond , John Hartley and Gillian Goodman. Music composed and played by Anthea Gomez. Producer Sue Wilson

[R4 BD=19951028]

Unknown: Scott Cherry

Unknown: Ellie Rogers

Unknown: Terence Edmond

Unknown: John Hartley

Unknown: Gillian Goodman.

Played By: Anthea Gomez.

Producer: Sue Wilson

John Crighton: Maurice Denham

Ellie Rogers: Jenny Rjnnell

Tom Bradley: Andrew Branch

Philippa Mallatrat: Janet Dale

Kevin Metcalfe: Richard Pearce

Sgt Lake: Christopher Scott

Caroline: Sunny Ormonde

Gary: James Duke

Fiona ,: Sandrajames Young

Harriet: Jilly Bond