Saturday Playhouse: The Compromise


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By Istvan Eorsi. Zoltan's magnum opus Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Hungarywill be published - but only if he makes certain changes. With

Juliet Stevenson as Maria, John Hurt as Borsi, Bernard Hepton as Comrade Foldes , Ronald Pickup as Zoltan, and Hugh Dickson as Comrade Verebes. Translated from the Hungarian by Ria Julian and Anthony Vivis

Director Patrick Rayner Repeat

[R4 BD=19961012]

Unknown: Istvan Eorsi.

Unknown: Juliet Stevenson

Unknown: John Hurt

Unknown: Bernard Hepton

Unknown: Comrade Foldes

Unknown: Ronald Pickup

Unknown: Hugh Dickson

Unknown: Comrade Verebes.

Unknown: Ria Julian

Unknown: Anthony Vivis

Director: Patrick Rayner