Saturday Playhouse: The George's Wife


[R4 BD=19970621]

Elizabeth Jolley 's play, co-produced with ABC Australia. Vera pushes Mr George 's wheelchair round Perth, Australia, wondering whether he remembers their life in the Black Country as vividly as she does. with Madi Hedd , Christine Pritchard. Kieron Self , Lesley Rooney and Richard Elfyn. Producer Alison Hindell

[R4 BD=19970621]

Unknown: Elizabeth Jolley

Unknown: Mr George

Unknown: Madi Hedd

Unknown: Christine Pritchard.

Unknown: Kieron Self

Unknown: Lesley Rooney

Unknown: Richard Elfyn.

Producer: Alison Hindell

Vera: Rachel Atkins

Mr George: Hugh Dickson

Miss George: Ann Beach