Saturday Playhouse: The Lost Stradivarius


[R4 BD=19961019]

By John Meade Falkner. Paul Rhys stars as John Maltravers in this

Gothic horror story. The discovery of an Italian composition and a priceless violin, coupled with the appearance of a ghost, begin a startling chain of events in the life of John Maltravers. with Christopher Scott. Sean Baker , Chris Pavlo , Joanna Monro and Shirley Dixon. Dramatised by Jeremy Front . Original music by Ilona Sekacz Musicians Wilf Gibson and Tony Stenson Director Tracey Neale

[R4 BD=19961019]

Unknown: John Meade Falkner.

Unknown: Paul Rhys

Unknown: John Maltravers

Unknown: John Maltravers.

Unknown: Christopher Scott.

Unknown: Sean Baker

Unknown: Chris Pavlo

Unknown: Joanna Monro

Unknown: Shirley Dixon.

Dramatised By: Jeremy Front

Music By: Ilona Sekacz

Music By: Musicians Wilf Gibson

Music By: Tony Stenson

Director: Tracey Neale

Sophia: Patience Tomlinson

Constance: Colleen Prendergast

Mrs Temple: Joanna David

William: Nicholas Boulton

Edward: Alex Lowe