Saturday Playhouse: The Making Of Napoleon


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By Mike Walker. At the age of 15, Kevin Brownlow set out to find and restore Abel Gance 's lost 1927 film masterpiece Napoleon. In 1980, after

25 years of dedicated work, the film premiered to international acclaim. with Geoffrey Banks , Herve Pauchon , Phillipe Mareuil , Elma Soiron , Kaline Carr ,

Erich Redman , Veronique Deroulede , Ann Beach ,

Keith Drinkel , Shelley Thompson , David Timson , Anthony Jackson , John Bluthal , Kim Wall , Ronald Femee , Jonathan Adams , Patience Tomlinson, Zulema Dene , Alice Arnold , John Hartley and Roger May. Director Andy Jordan

[R4 BD=19960413]

Unknown: Mike Walker.

Unknown: Kevin Brownlow

Unknown: Abel Gance

Unknown: Geoffrey Banks

Unknown: Herve Pauchon

Unknown: Phillipe Mareuil

Unknown: Elma Soiron

Unknown: Kaline Carr

Unknown: Erich Redman

Unknown: Veronique Deroulede

Unknown: Ann Beach

Unknown: Keith Drinkel

Unknown: Shelley Thompson

Unknown: David Timson

Unknown: Anthony Jackson

Unknown: John Bluthal

Unknown: Kim Wall

Unknown: Ronald Femee

Unknown: Jonathan Adams

Unknown: Zulema Dene

Unknown: Alice Arnold

Unknown: John Hartley

Director: Andy Jordan

AbelGance: Jean-Claude Deret

Kevin: Jamie Glover

Young Kevin: Tom Lawrence

Virginia Brownlow: Justine Midda

Albert Dieudonne: Henri Serre

Carl Davis: Him Self

Kevin Brownlow: Him Self