Saturday Playhouse: The Man From God Knows Where


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Written by Jane Cassidy. 1798 saw the rebellion of the Society of United Irishmen. Thomas Russell was one of its most charismatic leaders. with Vincent Higgins. Maggie Cronin , Ian McElhinney , Patrick Duncan ,

Patrick Fitzsymons. John Hewitt , Sean Kearns , Stuart Graham , JJ Murphy , Eileen McCloskey ,

Niall Cusack , Karl O'Neill , Ruairi Conaghan and Tim Loane. Poems read by Birdy Sweeney. Songs sung by Jane Cassidy. Director Pam Brighton

[R4 BD=19970920]

Written By: Jane Cassidy.

Unknown: Thomas Russell

Unknown: Vincent Higgins.

Unknown: Maggie Cronin

Unknown: Ian McElhinney

Unknown: Patrick Duncan

Unknown: Patrick Fitzsymons.

Unknown: John Hewitt

Unknown: Sean Kearns

Unknown: Stuart Graham

Unknown: Jj Murphy

Unknown: Eileen McCloskey

Unknown: Niall Cusack

Unknown: Karl O'Neill

Unknown: Ruairi Conaghan

Unknown: Tim Loane.

Read By: Birdy Sweeney.

Sung By: Jane Cassidy.

Thomas Russell: Brendan Gleeson

Robert Emmet: Luke Griffin