Saturday Playhouse: The Third Class Genie


[R4 BD=19950812]

By Robert Leeson. Dramatised by Martin Jameson. This is the story of a small-town boy's struggle with an incompetent Genie. with Gavin Muir , Becky Hindley , Stephen Thome , Sally Baxter. Helena Breck. Stephen Critchlow , Hayley Fairclough , John Hartley , Sandra James -Young, Joseph Vickers and Ashley Russell DirectorCelia de Wolff

[R4 BD=19950812]

Unknown: Robert Leeson.

Dramatised By: Martin Jameson.

Unknown: Gavin Muir

Unknown: Becky Hindley

Unknown: Stephen Thome

Unknown: Sally Baxter.

Unknown: Helena Breck.

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: Hayley Fairclough

Unknown: John Hartley

Unknown: Sandra James

Unknown: Joseph Vickers

Unknown: Ashley Russell

Unknown: Directorcelia de Wolff

Alec: Stephen Hall

Abu: Cyril Nri

Ginger: Anthony Greenidge

Ma'arruf/THacker: Jonathan Keeble