Saturday Playhouse: The Wind Pump


[R4 BD=19970426]

By Dawn Lowe-Watson . Starring James Laurenson as William and Charlotte Attenborough as Maria.

A young TV producer goes to interview an ex-Japanese prisoner of war. with Ian Masters , Peter Yapp , Deborah Berlin and Susannah Corbett.

Director Cherry Cookson Repeat

[R4 BD=19970426]

Unknown: Dawn Lowe-Watson

Unknown: James Laurenson

Unknown: Charlotte Attenborough

Unknown: Ian Masters

Unknown: Peter Yapp

Unknown: Deborah Berlin

Unknown: Susannah Corbett.

Director: Cherry Cookson

Tiny: Tina Gray

Young William: David Thorpe

Miss Letheringale: Joan Matheson

Mary: Patience Tomlinson

Mike: Tom Bevan