Saturday Playhouse: Theo


[R4 BD=19961214]

By Moya O'Shea. A rare cinnamon plush bear with boot-button eyes discovers he is Lot No 107, and the auction is about to begin. with Linda Regan , George Allonby , Jack Allonby , Jane Whittenshaw , Sandra James-Young , Gary Bryden , Stephen Critchlow , Henry Cormack ,

Jonathan Praeger , Alexis Edyvean , Paul Jenkins and John Turner. Director Tracey Neale Repeat

[R4 BD=19961214]

Unknown: Moya O'Shea.

Unknown: Linda Regan

Unknown: George Allonby

Unknown: Jack Allonby

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw

Unknown: Sandra James-Young

Unknown: Gary Bryden

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: Henry CormacK

Unknown: Jonathan Praeger

Unknown: Alexis Edyvean

Unknown: Paul Jenkins

Unknown: John Turner.

Director: Tracey Neale

Theo: Martin Jarvis

Little Tom: Thomas Connor

Tom: Ross Livingstone

MrLonsdale: David Colungs

MrsLonsdale: Jilly Bond

Jessie: Becky Hindley

Hannah: Caroline Strong

Mrs Tyler: Zulema Dene

MrMckee: Jonathan Keeble