Saturday Playhouse: Valtemand And Cornelius Are Not Well At All


[R4 BD=19950603]

Hamlet as seen by Shakespeare, as seen by the players, as seen by comedy writer Alick Rowe. The players want to finish their act as quickly as possible, but first they are unwilling witnesses to Polonius's death and get caught up in the ensuing mayhem. As for Hamlet, he keeps talking to himself.

Director Shaun MacLoughlin

[R4 BD=19950603]

Unknown: Alick Rowe.

Director: Shaun MacLoughlin

Valtemand: Stephen Thorne

Cornelius: Christian Rodska

Aubrey Postern: Simon Carter

Alfred: Richard Pearce

Tib: Carolyn Backhouse

Hamlet: Charles Simpson

Horatio: Bill Walus

Rosencrantz: Ian Sanders

Guildenstern: John Telfer

Claudius: Peter Jeffrey

Gertrude: June Barrie

Polonius: William Eedle

Ophelia: Moir Leslie

Laertes: Richard Derrington

Marcellus: Cornelius Garrett

Barnado: Eric Allen

Fortinbras: Bob Docherty