Saturday Playhouse: Ways Of Escape - Sarah


[R4 BD=19950225]

by Eric Pringle. When the Reverend

Daniel Strickland and his two sisters leave their home in Berkshire to begin a new life in the wilderness of Lancashire, the wilful Sarah demands to know why. This atmospheric love story, set in the early 19th Century, is continued in Saturday Night Theatre.

Director Tracey Neale Rpt

[R4 BD=19950225]

Unknown: Eric Pringle.

Unknown: Daniel Strickland

Director: Tracey Neale Rpt

Daniel: Stephen Moore

Elizabeth: Anna Massey

Sarah: Deborah Findlay

Joseph: John Duttine

Anne: Alison Reid

Roger Beamish: Lan Masters

Squire Rollinson: Geoffrey Matthews

Doctor Thurlston: Alan Thompson

The Bishop: Garard Green