Saturday Playhouse:the Snow Queen


[R4 BD=19951223]

Berlie Doherty 's version of Hans Christian Andersen 's fairy tale is narrated by Dirk Bogarde with Diana Rigg as the Snow Queen.

Gerda sets off into the wide world to find her playmate Kay, who has been seduced away by the powerful Snow

Queen to her ice palace in the far north. with Natasha Pyne , Annabel Mullion , Oliver Senton. Kristin Milward , Don McCorkindale , Gavin Muir , George Parsons , Joshua Towb. Deborah Berlin , Robbie Gill , David Cooper , Adam Morley and Laurence Amias. Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier Director Janet Whitaker Rpt

[R4 BD=19951223]

Unknown: Berlie Doherty

Unknown: Hans Christian Andersen

Unknown: Dirk Bogarde

Unknown: Diana Rigg

Unknown: Natasha Pyne

Unknown: Annabel Mullion

Unknown: Oliver Senton.

Unknown: Kristin Milward

Unknown: Don McCorkindale

Unknown: Gavin Muir

Unknown: George Parsons

Unknown: Deborah Berlin

Unknown: Robbie Gill

Unknown: David Cooper

Unknown: Adam Morley

Unknown: Laurence Amias.

Music By: David Chilton

Music By: Nick Russell-Pavier

Director: Janet Whitaker

Gerda: Samantha Glen

Kay: James Cohen

Grandmama: Margaret John

Troll/Robber Queen: Peter Woodthorpe

Robber Girl: Emma Wray

Baabaa, reindeer: Bill Paterson

Crow: Paul Copley