The School On The Moor


20170830 (BBC7)A revealing 1948 portrait of Cornwall's Bolventor School, which had only 24 pupils.

Revealing 1948 portrait of Cornwall's Bolventor School with just 24 pupils aged 5 to 15, in two classrooms with two teachers, plus headmaster Reginald Bennetts and his wife.

In this experimental programme, BBC engineers had set-up microphones around this tiny remote village school in the middle of Bodmin Moor in the Autumn of 1947. Microphones and cables were left to allow children to get used to them.

The programme was recorded over a week with the head as presenter, plus the stories of two former pupils, who attended the school when it opened in 1878. (It was closed in 1994).

Producer: Brandon Acton-Bond

First broadcast on the BBC West of England Home Service, it evoked vivid memories for listeners and inspired a wider broadcast (except Scotland and Wales) on the BBC Home Service in December 1948.