Scoop [Drama]

By Evelyn Waugh, adapted by Giles Havergal in four parts.

`We at the Daily Beast think it a very promising little war', says Lord Copper, but who should cover it? A biting satire of class, prewar politics and the appalling cynicism of the newspaper industry.

With Giles Havergal, Matthew Whittle, Stephen MacDonald and Crawford Logan.

Directed by Dave Batchelor.


02Stones, Twenty Pounds20001030William Boot, accidental war correspondent of the Daily Beast, encounters the corrupt world of Ishmaelia in the heart of Africa, the even more corrupt British press corps, and a beautiful girl.
03Lush Places20001106Love comes to William in the capital of Ishmaelia when he is left behind by the rest of the press corps.

With the prospect of war looming, he wrestles with telegrams to the Daily Beast.

With Giles Havergal, Matthew Whittle, Lucy Paterson and Crawford Logan.

Directed by Dave Batchelor

04 LAST20001113
SNT19760529By: Evelyn Waugh

Starring: John Rowe/Rosalind Knight/Ronald Herdman.