Nicola Jones's tense, fast-moving thriller follows a man trying to re-interpret his memories of the long hot summer of 1976.

Who is to blame for his sister's disappearance, and what really happened to her?

In 1976, Mike's sixteen year old sister, Evie, walked out of the house and never came back.

There didn't seem to be any explanation, but Mike was thirteen at the time and didn't want to upset his Mum by asking too many questions.

Now Mike is in his forties, his Mum is dead and a rare visit to his home town provides him with an opportunity to investigate the events of that scorching summer and reinterpret them from an adult perspective.

A meeting with an old school friend forces Mike to question his father more closely.

Is he guarding a dark family secret? Is he telling the whole truth?

Written by Nicola Jones.

Mike - Tom Roberts

Bern - Kim Wall

Young Mike - Gabriel Towell

Evie - Chandeep Uppal

Sylvia - Bharti Patel

Jason - Robert Wilkinson

Taxi driver - Sean Connolly

Produced and directed by Peter Leslie Wild

Nicola Jones has written one previous radio play, Angels in Disguise" for Radio 7's Man in Black series.

By Nicola Jones.

Mike returns home 30 years after his teenage sister's disappearance."