Scotland\u2019s Uncivil War



On 23rd March 2020 Scotland's former First Minister Alex Salmond stood outside Edinburgh's High Court. He'd just been acquitted of thirteen counts of sexual assault against nine women.

"There is certain evidence I would like to have seen led," he told the media huddle. Everyone knows what he means. He's saying it's not over.

Salmond believes there is a conspiracy against him; that the civil service in Holyrood, along with certain political figures within the SNP, encouraged a group of women to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against him in order to stop return to front line politics. Commentators say he wants revenge.

Nicola Sturgeon insists there was no plot, but has been implicated and asked to provide evidence for what she knew when. The Parliamentary Inquiry is set to begin in mid-August.

Once close political allies, Salmond and Sturgeon are no longer in contact, with Sturgeon comparing the breakdown of her relationship with Salmond to a "grieving process".

An uncivil war has broken out within the SNP, but it’s been a long time coming.

Acclaimed journalist Dani Garavelli covered every day of the trial, and discovered how deep the schism runs, as she herself was targeted by those who believe dark forces are afoot.

Here, she explores the flash points running through Scotland's governing party. How might these divisions affect Scotland's future and even its place within the UK?

Producer: Caitlin Smith

Dani Garavelli tells the story of a deep schism at the heart of Scottish politics.