Scott Walker Talks To Jarvis Cocker


20190326 (6M)In tribute to Scott Walker, who has died aged 76, a chance to hear him in conversation with his friend Jarvis Cocker. This was recorded in 2017, around the time of the Songs of Scott Walker Prom.

Jarvis welcomed the enigmatic singer-songwriter to his 6 Music Sunday Service show. As well as chatting about Scott's immense body of work, Jarvis gets tips on how to approach his role within this Prom and corrections to some of the lyrical mistakes he's found online.

There are also anecdotes about Scott's time with the Walker Brothers, his musical evolution and an insight into his friendship with David Bowie, who was a champion of Scott's solo work, having covered Nite Flights on his own Black Tie, White Noise album.

In tribute to Scott Walker, a chance to hear his 2017 conversation with Jarvis Cocker.