LB0120000822'By Jonathan Tulloch, read by Tim Healy in ten parts.Gerry and Sewell are devotees of Newcastle United and have set their hearts on season tickets - but they are skint.'
LB0220000823Gerry and Sewell's campaign to raise the money for season tickets is not going well.
LB0320000824Gerry and Sewell are nowhere near their goal. What is needed is one big idea.
LB0420000825'Making good his escape from the dog boy, Gerry heads for home.'
LB0520000826Even Gerry and Sewell ought to be able to make some money at the Metro Centre - if Sewell can just keep his eyes shut for long enough.
LB0620000829Gerry and Sewell's attempts to raise enough money to buy season tickets for Newcastle United are less successful than they had hoped.
LB0720000830Gerry's perseverance pays off and the tickets are his - if only they were for a match at the `toon'.
LB0820000831How is Gerry going to break the news about the money to Sewell?
LB0920000901'One more big idea, one big job. Will it finally go right for Gerry and Sewell?'
LB10 LAST20000902The big job.