A Second Generation

Four programmes in which Ekow Eshun tracks the emerging identity of black Britain.


01Drum And Bass19980806

From the basement bars and high streets of Britain comes a new hybrid form of music - one which reflects the cultural mix of this country's inner cities.

Will America grudgingly take up this innovative sound?

02Paradise Lost19980813

2: `Paradise Lost'.

Single black mums and `baby fathers' belie a deeper search for security among black men and women.

Can America's latest spiritual prescription, Womanism, help form the homes of Britain?

03Buying In, Selling Out19980820

Young, black and upwardly mobile is an accurate description of many black Britons from the second generation.

Will they forget their roots?

04 LASTBlack Isn't What It Used To Be19980827

African, Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Indian...

all ``black''? What is lost and what gained when immigrant peoples take on the political tags given to them by a racist host country?