Secret Identity [Radio Scotland]


01Alistair Ritchie20130806


We all have parts of our lives that we like to keep private and hidden from others. In this episode of secret identity Jackie Bird meets Alistair, a salesman with a secret. He likes to cross dress and lives a separate life as Jennifer. He tells Jackie why, after 30 years of keeping Jennifer behind closed doors, he feels he can no longer deny who he truly is. He is both Alistair and Jennifer. Although Alistair is comfortable with both sides of himself it has come at a cost. He no longer lives with the love of his life, his wife, and he fears the repercussions of revealing his true self to his colleagues and close friends.

02John Purves20130813

Why do some of us choose to keep our private and professional life separate? Jackie Bird meets John Purves, a stand-up comedian by night and a minister by day. Surprisingly John does not tell his comic audiences he is also a minister. His congregation however are in on the joke and are often the first to hear his new material. John explains why he chooses to keep his identity secret.

03Nick Kyle20130820

Jackie Bird meets Nick Kyle. A deputy rector with an unusual and undisclosed hobby.he likes to hunt ghosts. Nick explains why he chooses to keep his personal and professional lives separate but how to him, there is no such thing as the paranormal, as in his experience, it's all normal.

04 LASTLorraine20130827

Jackie Bird meets Lorraine, a lady who likes to keep her private life hidden from others. She's a pagan. The two talk about the secrecy that shrouds Lorraine's chosen way of life and try to dispel the myths and negative perceptions from the Wicker man to witchcraft.