The Secret Scripture

By Sebastian Barry, abridged by Neville Teller.

Read by Doreen Keogh and Alex Jennings.


0120080428By Sebastian Barry, abridged by Neville Teller.

Read by Doreen Keogh and Alex Jennings.

Nearing her 100th birthday, Roseanne McNulty faces an uncertain future at the soon to be closed Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital.

Her only solace is her psychiatrist Dr Grene, with whom she has an intense and increasingly complicated relationship.

0220080429Roseanne has been a patient in Roscommon Mental Hospital for many years.

Dr Grene has begun investigating whether any of his patients were originally incarcerated for social, rather than medical, reasons.

0320080430Roseanne, an elderly patient in a mental hospital, is writing her life story.

Her psychiatrist is astounded at what she recounts.

0420080501Roseanne, a long-time patient in a mental hospital, is writing her traumatic yet colourful life story.

Dr Grene, the senior psychiatrist at the hospital, is keeping his own record.

0520080502Dr Grene has found a document claiming that Roseanne's father was a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary and was killed by the IRA.

But this is totally at odds with her own memories of her father and the way he died.

0620080505Roseanne is remembering her time as a waitress in the Cafe Cairo, where she first met Tom McNulty and his brother Jack.

Though mourning the death of his wife, Dr Grene continues his own search for Roseanne's life story.

0720080506Roseanne remembers that shortly after marrying Tom McNulty, she found herself keeping a sort of rendezvous with the renegade John Lavelle.

Meanwhile, Dr Grene continues to study Father Gaunt's deposition about Roseanne's history.

0820080507Roseanne remembers how her husband Tom walked out on her after Father Gaunt discovered her with John Lavelle on the mountainside.
0920080508Father Gaunt's deposition refers to a baby Roseanne had, long after her marriage had been nullified.

Roseanne recalls the day that Tom's brother Eneas suddenly appeared in Sligo, even though there was a price on his head.

10 LAST20080509Dr Grene is trying to establish the truth about Roseanne's child.

The nun at Nazareth House in Sligo tells him to visit the order's house in Bexhill-on-Sea in England.