Secrets Of The Small Hours


SD20140104A new drama by Nick Dear.

A married couple confront each other for the first time, a year after the husband attempted to have his wife murdered.

Justin, has taken out a contract to have his estranged wife, Melissa, murdered. Unfortunately, he manages to hire an undercover detective as his hit-man. Melissa escapes unharmed, but the case never comes to trial, as the policeman is implicated in a corruption enquiry.

A year later, Melissa appears at Justin's door. She wants - for important personal reasons - to forgive him. But first he has to admit his murderous intentions towards her, which he has denied all along. They face off, in the wake of all that has gone before.

Paul McGann is Justin and Anastasia Hille plays Melissa.

Director: Celia de Wolff

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

"A new drama by Nick Dear.



A Pier production for BBC Radio 4."