Selected Radiophonic Works


2008122020201003 (BBC7)In 1958 an extraordinary musical laboratory was opened by the BBC. The Radiophonic Workshop provided music and sound for a wealth of BBC programmes, from The Goon Show to Doctor Who.

With contributions from Coldcut, Dick Mills and Mark Ayres, Richard Coles explores the achievements of the unit and presents a carefully chosen selection of programmes showcasing the department's work:

The Dreams (05/01/1964)
The Goons (02/02/1959)
Inferno Revisited (17/04/1983)
Relativity (1974)
Electric Tunesmiths (30/12/1971)
Bath Time (1976)

Produced by Elizabeth Jaynes

First broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2008.

Richard Coles tells the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop's extraordinary story.