Selected Stories By Isaac Bashevis Singer

A week of short stories by the master Yiddish storyteller, to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth.


AR01The Re-encounter20040712


Max Greitzer receives a phone call inviting him to the funeral of a former lover, Liza.

When he arrives however, Liza is waiting for him beside the coffin.

Read by Henry Goodman.

AR02A Quotation From Klopstock20040713

Max Persky, a renowned womaniser, strikes up an affair with an elderly and respected woman.

The affair lasts longer than Max had intended and the night he decides to put an end to the business once and for all an unexpected turn of events completes it for him.

Read by Henry Goodman.

AR03Taibele And Her Demon20040714

In a Polish village, Taibele is left childless and alone when her husband leaves her.

She is visited one night by Hurmizah, a demon, who insists he loves her and wishes to share her bed.

Though Taibele does not know it, Hurmizah, is just the school-teacher's assistant, and mortal.

Read by Henry Goodman.


Morris Terkeltoyb and Margit Levy have little in common, and dislike each other upon first sight.

When circumstances force them together an odd, but vital tryst begins.

Read by Henry Goodman

Produced by Lu Kemp

Stories by kind permission of Lescher and Lescher and Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.

AR05 LASTThe Bird20040716

A small parakeet flies into the writer's apartment.

It is a freezing New York winter and the bird would not survive an hour outside.

He cannot turn it outside, and instead spends a restless night in the company of this small but powerful presence, who appears to come bearing a message from the spirit world.

Read by Henry Goodman.