Sense The Difference

In a five-part series Claudia Hammond examines whether men and women see, smell, hear, feel and taste things differently.


01Smell The Difference1999123020000814

The science behind the experience of parents Deborah and Matt who have noticed that she always smells the baby's dirty nappy first. And can the smell of a man's pheromones really attract a woman to a man with immunity to different diseases from hers?


Do women have a higher pain threshold? Are men less sensitive to touch? And why are some people able to sense heat and pain but not touch?

02Touch The Difference2000010620000815
03Taste The Difference2000011320000816

Claudia Hammond explores why more women than men are `super tasters', and asks whether men's taste buds are more able to deal with spicy food?

04See The Difference2000012020000817

Claudia Hammond looks at why more men are colour-blind and why women are unable to park properly.

05 LASTHear The Difference2000012720000818

Claudia Hammond braves the clubbing scene and asks why more women than men suffer from tinnitus after a night on the town? And are more men than women tone-deaf?