The Seven Per Cent Solution


Genome: [r4 Bd=19931101]

Adaptation of Nicholas Meyer 's Gold and Silver Dagger Award-winning book, starring Simon Callow as Sherlock Holmes , Ian Hogg as Dr Watson and Karl Johnson as Sigmund Freud...

The riddle of Holmes's disappearance after the Reichenbach Falls is at last solved, and the real reason for Professor Moriarty's power is revealed.

With David Bannerman , Kate Binchy , Federay Holmes , JillieMeers and David Sinclair Violin played by Steve Bentley

Dramatised by Denny Martin Flinn

Music David Chiltem and Nicholas Russell-Pavier Director Jane Morgan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19931101]

Unknown: Nicholas Meyer

Unknown: Simon Callow

Unknown: Sherlock Holmes

Unknown: Ian Hogg

Unknown: Karl Johnson

Unknown: Sigmund Freud.

Unknown: Reichenbach Falls

Unknown: David Bannerman

Unknown: Kate Binchy

Unknown: Federay Holmes

Violin: David Sinclair

Played By: Steve Bentley

Dramatised By: Denny Martin Flinn

Music: David Chiltem

Music: Nicholas Russell-Pavier

Director: Jane Morgan

Professor Moriarty: David King

Mycroft Hobnes: Philip Voss

BaronvonLeinsdorf: Matthew Morgan

Nancy Osborn Slater: Meunda Walker

Baroness von Leinsdorf: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Hugo von Hoffmansthal: Wolf Kahler


By: Nicholas Meyer

Starring: Simon Callow/Ian Hogg/Karl Johnson


By: Nicholas Meyer

Starring: Simon Callow/Ian Hogg/Karl Johnson