Seven Pomegranate Seeds [Drama]



Summer, and a young girl is stolen under the ground…

Up in the world, her mother searches for her lost child, her grief so powerful that the ground hardens into winter.

Colin Teevan’s The Seven Pomegranate Seeds draws on Greek mythology to weave a new contemporary story, revealing the darkest of moments, but also offering hope for the future and the possibility of a new, warming spring.

Starring Niamh Cusack (currently in the Nation Theatre’s My Brilliant Friend), Ruth Bradley (Humans) and Leah McNamara (Dublin Murders).

This is Colin Teevan’s brand-new radio adaptation of his original stage play. Originally based on seven of Euripedes’ female characters - Persephone, Hypsipyle, Medea, Alcestis, Phaedra, Creusa and Demeter - in this new radio adaptation, the myths are drawn into one new powerful story.

Colin Teevan is a celebrated playwright, translator and writer for screen. He created, wrote and was co-executive producer of ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Resistance’ (RTÉ and now Netflix) – serial dramas about the birth of modern Ireland, and ‘Charlie’, three films about Charles Haughey starring Aiden Gillen. He has premiered works at the National Theatres of Ireland, Scotland, and the National Theatre in London, and written many original dramas for BBC Radio.

The Seven Pomegranate Seeds is performed by the cast:
Niamh Cusack
Ruth Bradley
Leah McNamara

Written by Colin Teevan
Produced and Directed by Allegra McIlroy

A BBC Northern Ireland production

Colin Teevan's modern take on Greek mythology, starring Niamh Cusack and Ruth Bradley.

Drama from BBC Radio 4