Seven Woman - And - The Twelve Pound Look



A double bill of two J M Barrie short plays.

Seven Women

In this piece about childhood reunion and eccentric womanhood, Mr and Mrs Tovey are a 'pleasant couple of agreeable age'.

The play precedes a dinner party at their Chelsea home.

Captain Rattrey (Inky Paws) arrives early and engages in banter with his old school friend Tovey (Bobbin) about which women are coming to the party.

Tovey says that one of them is a murderess, and challenges old Inky Paws to work out which one.

J M Barrie....Bill Paterson

Tovey....Benedict Cumberbatch

Mrs Tovey....Diana Quick

Rattray....Alexander Armstrong

Leonora....Harriet Walter

The Twelve Pound Look

In this play about a man confronting his past, it is the evening before Harry Sims is to receive his knighthood, and he has hired a typist to answer his congratulatory letters.

Unbeknownst to him, the secretary is his ex-wife, who left him suddenly years ago.

Sims uses the opportunity to find out who she left him for, but ends up being forced to confront himself.

Lady Sims....Joanna David

Harry Sims....Anton Rodgers

Tombes....Colin Haigh

Kate....Maureen Lipman

Both plays directed and adapted by Julia Mckenzie