The Sex Pistols Play Manchester


20190621 (6M)
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Another chance to hear Stuart Maconie's assessment of the impact of the Sex Pistols' gig in Manchester in June 1976.

When the Sex Pistols took to the stage in Manchester's tiny Lesser Free Trade Hall on 4 June 1976, their performance arguably changed the world of music. Along with Woodstock and Live Aid, the gig has been acknowledged as one of the most influential live sets of all time, due to the power of the music and the effect that the show had on the handful of people who witnessed it.

For years the gig was shrouded in myth and legend, with literally thousands claiming that they were in attendance. It has since been found that just 35-40 people could have been present - but they included some who would go on to form some of the most iconic bands of the time, such as the Smiths, Buzzcocks, New Order, Joy Division and the Fall.

Stuart Maconie looks back at the influential Sex Pistols gig in Manchester in June 1976.