Shaking Up The Library

Michael Rosen tells the story of five groundbreaking children's books that inspired shelves of imitators.


01Emil And The Detectives1999072620010415How a gang of sleuths from Berlin became the first famous child detectives.
02The Family From One End Street1999072720010422How life with the Ruggles family was a pioneering but controversial portrayal of working-class life.
03The King Of The Golden River1999072820010429How the art critic John Ruskin wrote a fantasy tale for children, a decade before the Victorian craze for fantasy books.
04Forever1999072920010506The hotly debated history of Judy Blume's book about teenage sex.
05 LASTTommy-thumb's Pretty Song Book1999073020010513How the first nursery rhymes to appear in print were more spicy than their descendants.