Sharleen Spiteri - Out On The Floor



Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri shares her love of the great Northern Soul tracks she danced to as a teenager in Glasgow.

Music fashions come and go, but our love affair with obscure, fast-paced 60s and 70s American soul just keeps growing. Northern Soul emerged from the mod scene in the north of Britain, as fans discovered and shared rare singles from the scores of small labels which grew up in the wake of Tamla Motown. From the Twisted Wheel club in Manchester, to the legendary Wigan Casino, Northern Soul revolutionised British youth culture - with its own fashions, language and dancing styles.

In the early 1970s, a teenage apprentice hairdresser in Glasgow called Sharleen Spiteri would live for Friday nights, when she and her friends would head for one of the city's Northern Soul clubs and dance - literally - until dawn.

As her own musical career progressed, Sharleen retained her love for Northern Soul, becoming more knowledgeable about the roots of the music, its greatest performers and the way it influenced so much of what we now know as club culture.

In this show,Sharleen plays some of the classic floor-fillers of the her youth, along with some of her own prized rarities, and tracks from more recent artists who've been influenced by Northern Soul. Her personally-selected two-hour playlist includes classics from Dobie Gray, William Bell and Gloria Jones, along with personal favourites from Major Lance, Chuck Wood and Bobby Brady.

This New Year's Day - roll up the carpet, shake out some talcum powder and get ready to dance like it's 1974,.