20041008By Louise Gooding.

Using the real and vivid diaries of Tom Hurndall - this is a true life drama.

In February of last year Tom Hurndall set out for Baghdad with a group of human shields in order to make a photographic record of their story. From there he journied to Rafah in the Gaza Strip. This is a dramatic interpretation of that journey and uses many of Tom's own words. Written with the help and cooperation of Tom's family and friends. Some names and details have been changed.

Tom....Oliver Dimsdale

Beth....Sorcha Cusack

Mother....Kika Markham

Sister....Alice Hart

Nick....Ryan Mccluskey

Ricardo....Bruno Lastra

Sara....Clare Corbett

Girlfriend....Helen Longworth

Friend/Driver....Nicholas Boulton

Doctor....Karzan Sherabayani

Ism Volunteer....Ashley Cook

Children....Abir Shadeed/Nebeel Shadeed/Haneen Shadeed/Hazem Hawwash/Farah Hawwash/Nadine Hawwash

Directed By Pauline Harris