Shelagh Delaney - Whoopi Goldberg's Country Life



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Whoopi Goldberg's Country Life is a new play by Shelagh Delaney, the award winning writer of A Taste of Honey.

Rose lives alone on a smallholding. When Poppy, her embittered ex sister in law visits for the weekend, the peace is shattered. Things get worse when they learn that Boris, Poppy's 20 year old son, has gone missing. Old wounds and grievances are aired - then Boris turns up out of the blue. His presence brings the women closer again, allowing for new hope for the future. Both Rose and Poppy sense that this could be the turning moment for all of them - until an accident on the beach affects them all.

In this witty, poignant play about parenting, rural life, and family ties, Shelagh Delaney demonstrates her skill as a leading modern dramatist of unusual choices by unusual people.

Rose...Barbara Marten

Poppy...Nicola Gardner

Boris...Tachia Newall

Pianist..Jonathan Scott

Director...Polly Thomas.

Rose's rural peace is shattered when her former sister-in-law pays a visit.