Infamous lloafer/layabout/philosophical idler Shelley scams his way through another half hour in this adaptation of Peter Tilbury's sitcom.


0101Moving In1997052220031219 (BBC7)
20041230 (BBC7)
20051202 (BBC7)
20051203 (BBC7)

Shelley finds a new flat.

0102The Nelson Touch1997052920031226 (BBC7)
20050106 (BBC7)
20051209 (BBC7)
20051210 (BBC7)

All change for Shelley as his local gets a makeover and Frances has big news.

When Shelley discovers that Fran is pregnant and that the state will no longer support him, he realises that he must get a job.

0103The Distaff Side1997060520040102 (BBC7)
20050113 (BBC7)
20051216 (BBC7)
20051217 (BBC7)

Shelley accepts his first pay packet, but is alarmed to find that the deductions mean his wage is less than the dole money.

Infamous layabout Shelley scams his way through another half hour.

Now that he is employed, Shelley discovers he must make adjustments to his life to improve his financial situation.

0104May The Best Man Win1997061220040109 (BBC7)
20050120 (BBC7)
20051223 (BBC7)
20051224 (BBC7)

Shelley is outed - as a total coward and fake urine sample supplier.

Shelley is faced with a dilemma when his friend Ned tells that him he wants to be best man at the wedding and then asks for a personal favour.

0105Elders And Betters1997061719970619
20040116 (BBC7)
20050127 (BBC7)
20051230 (BBC7)
20051231 (BBC7)

Shelley reluctantly leaves West Hampstead for the rural Midlands to face his future father-in-law.

0106 LASTOwner Occupiers1997062419970626
20040123 (BBC7)
20040124 (BBC7)
20050203 (BBC7)
20060106 (BBC7)
20060107 (BBC7)

Shelley tries to get a mortgage but the bank aren't impressed by his employment record.

Shelley discovers that borrowing money to buy a house is not easy when you have avoided work all your life. Only his mother can help.