Shelley Silas - Mr Jones Goes Driving



AD20110307 (BBC7)
20131225 (BBC7)

Written by Shelley Silas. Johnny Jones isn't particularly old, he's a regular man with a regular wife, two grown up children and a handful of grandkids. His has a good life, and for that he's grateful. He accepts that growing old is just one of those things, and until now, he has just got on with everything that has been thrown his way. He has always lived his life by getting up each day and getting on. However, all that is about to change.

Told that a series of seizures he's been having are not because of a brain tumour, but epilepsy, relief soon turns to gloom. While Johnny accepts everything the doctors tell him, he cannot accept having to give up his driving license. For over fifty years he's driven just about everyone everywhere in his beloved almond Rover P6 with a V8 engine. It is his private place, where he can be alone, think alone, listen to music, or simply sit by the sea, looking out at nothing more than sand and waves. It's a great big armchair of a car, with a chrome and oak interior, which he loves passionately. His wife, Alice hasn't driven for years, why would she when she has Johnny to drive her everywhere? While he's happy to part with many other activities, this is one he just can't give up. Now he's told he must stop driving or face the consequences.

Every day he says tomorrow will be the last day he'll drive.

This is the story of the day he takes one last journey in his dark Rover. And gradually we learn about the secrets no one else knows about.

The play stars real life husband and wife Richard Briers and Ann Davies.

Mr Jones Goes Driving is about growing old but not always gracefully. It's about facing up to things in life we don't want to. It's the story of a man giving up the one thing that he has always loved.


Johnny Jones....Richard Briers

Alice Jones - Ann Davies

Imran - Muzz Khan

Lizzie Gray - Helena Breck

Ian - Jonathan Holby

Patrick - Ben Tosh

Johnny's Mother - Stella Duffy

Johnny's Grandchildren - Wilf and Ruby Armstrong Ashdown

Original Music composed by Lucinda Mason Brown

Producer/Director: Gordon House

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.