Shetland Folk Festival 2013


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As part of Radio 3's celebration of British music, Mary Ann Kennedy visits the Shetland Folk Festival, an annual gathering of musicians from all around the British Isles and beyond, performing in venues spread across the UK's most northerly islands. With concert highlights from The Long Notes, whose members come from England, Scotland and Ireland; a session with Ireland's Rambling Boys of Pleasure; a set from English bluegrass banjo virtuoso Leon Hunt; and fast and furious dance tunes from Scotland's Skerryvore.

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Mary Ann Kennedy continues Radio 3's celebration of British music with more from the Shetland Folk Festival, focusing on the Islands' own strong musical heritage, which shows influences from nearby Scandinavia as well as mainland Scotland. Local fiddle player Kevin Henderson plays tunes in Shetland style, Claire White sings in Shetland dialect, and there are highlights of the Isles' Gathering, a get-together of leading musicians from both Orkney and Shetland.