The Short Hello

Five short stories from Susie Maguire's collection.


AR01Tangerines For Christmas20001127December in North Africa is less exotic than it sounds - especially for two sisters recovering from food poisoning and much in need of a decent cup of tea.

Read by Emma Currie

AR02A Night In2000112820010805An encounter with a noisy group of women in a bar convinces James that sexism really does work both ways.

Read by Alexander Morton

AR03The Tale Of The Cat Burglar2000112920010812read by Carol Ann Crawford
AR04Incomplete2000113020010819A young woman visits her dying father in hospital, and reflects on the changing nature of their relationship.

Read by Susie Maguire

AR05 LASTA Brown Study2000120120010826A fictional episode in the real life of Scottish comedian Arnold Brown.

Read by Crawford Logan